About the Telly Course

Tally Course is a top-rated course that teaches students about GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting. There are no undergraduate or postgraduate tally courses; BBA, BCom, MCom, and MBA Finance or Banking students receive a brief introduction to tally as part of their curriculum.A Tally course is generally a 1-3 month long program where you will get to understand the software in-depth and learn concepts related to inventory management, GST and TDS calculation, modifying company details, etc. Further, various multinational companies use this software as it is easy to use and helps in keeping an error-free and glitch-free record of a business’s accounts. It’s an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Accounting. It is important to note that if you are planning to get a diploma certificate, then the course might extend to more than 2 years.

Benefits of Tally Course

The course teaches you ways to manage the accounting of any company through GST independently. You will also learn to manage Payroll using ESI, PF, EPF, and statutory payment. Through the course, you can also learn to compute TDS and ways to extract TDS reports.
Accounting Vouchers & Key Rule
Create & Shut Company
Company Info
Ledgers Info
Accounting Vouchers
Inventory Vouchers
Puchase & Sale With inventory
Service Tax
Introduction of GST
GUI Based Operating System
MS Office
Tally ERP .9(GST)
Rules of Journal
Ledger Posting
Day Book and Journal
Trial Balance
Accounting Concept
Financial Accounting Basic
Introduction of Software & Hardware
Windows Operating System
MS Office
Ms Word
Ms Excel
Ms power Point
MS Publisher
MS OutLook
Introduction of Web designing
Introduction of HTML
Report of Web Design
HTML Basic
Introduction of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
Introdusction of Java Script & Angular JS
Web Publishing & Browsing Overview
Internet & Internet Service